Twitter Giveaway

⌛ Time: 13:00 UTC August 21, 2021–13:00 UTC August 25, 2021

1000 $KUN will be for 90 Winners
Top 10 inviters: Each 20 $KUN total 200 $KUN
80 random Winners: Each 10 $KUN total 800 $KUN

Rules of participation:

1.Join the Telegram group:
2.Follow us on Twitter : 2
3.Tweet Link:
Like & Quote Tweet the Tweet link above with: “I want to participate in Chemix Launchpad Airdrop”
Also leave your bsc address, tag > 5 friends & hashtags @ChemixLab #DeFi #Launchpad #Bitcoin cryptocurrency #Airdrop #BTC #BSC

4.Fill out the form below

Note: The first auction run on binance smart chain at 10:00 AM UTC August 23 2021 at



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Chemix Ecosystem_

Chemix Ecosystem_


a DeFi service system aiming to build a market for illiquid equity or tokens of early-stage crypto companies.